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What’s Thai massage?

It's Known in Thailand as Nuat phaen boran, meaning "ancient/ traditional massage", Traditional Thai massage (Nuat Boran, nuat = "massage", boran = "traditional") is generally based on the method which combines Indian and Chinese of traditional medicine.Thai massage – or Nuat Thai – combines both physical and energetic factors. And Yoga and stretching are the main part of the massage. That's a deep, full-body massage progressing from the feet up, and focusing on called sen which is energy lines throughout the body.

The aim of thai massage is clearing blockages in these lines, and thus stimulating the flow of blood and lymph throughout the body, which draws on yoga, acupressure and reflexology.


Method of Thai massage

Thai massage emphasizes stimulating the body's energy channels.The full body is massaged and reinvigorated.No oil is applied during the treatment basically.But we can offer thai massage with oil if you would like.

Now thai Massage is very popular among the world that is applied in management of conditions like muscle and bone pain,and so on.

Thai massage is using a number of stretching actions,which improve body's flexibility.And thai massage makes blood circulation smooth.


History of Thai massage

Jivaka Kumar Bhacca,who is born in India and has treated Buddha,founded Thai massage as Ayurvedic doctor. So thai massage is a healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles,and assisted yoga postures. There are two various styles of Thai massage.These are "The royal style(rajasamnak)" and"The popular style(chalosiak)".The former is for aristocracy and royal family, and the latter has regional variations,and is what is generally known as Thai massage.

Now so many students from the all over the world study at Wat Pho.Wat Pho is the center of Thai medicine and massage in Thailand.It was opened in 1955 as Thai Traditional Madical and Massage School.


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Mobile Massage:Our main working area in Tokyo

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MASSAGE TOKYO 946 offers an outcall,mobile Thai traditional massage to your hotel,home until 1AM in central Tokyo. Our working area is central of Tokyo. Please see the page「WORKING AREAS」in detail. MASSAGE TOKYO 946 provides an outcall Thai traditional massage from 4PM to 1AM in central Tokyo.Relaxing massage in the privacy of your own home or hotel room in central Tokyo.

Our female masseuses speak good English. We can send our masseuses about 30-45 minutes with reservation in central Tokyo area.Reservations are recommended because customers with reservations will be given priority.

Reservations will be given priority.

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Please make an appointment by only call after 4PM during business hours.We cannot accept email about reservation to avoid overbooking.

Reservation for free charge travel area is available until 1AM.

Reservation for outside of central Tokyo is available until 21PM.

Please see the page「WORKING AREAS」in detail.

If you would like to get a massage after 1am in central Tokyo areas, please make a reservation until 1am.

Our Masseuses

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Our practitioners are experienced women from Thailand, who are versed in the techniques of Traditional Thai massage, and who can deliver some of the best massages you'll ever experience.

Please see the page「MASSEUSES」in detail.



SARA is very friendly.


Her name is SARA.Her English is fluent,and she gave me a good thai traditional massage.I reserved before several times,all messeuses are very hospitable,friendly.I've been to Thailand three times,and got a thai massage in Bangkok.I like it very much.I've been a heavy user at 946 for 2 years.I just felt extremely good after having her massages,and it reminds me of Bangkok,Thailand.  

Best Thai massage in Tokyo

画像 945

I sometimes ordered at 946 in my home,Tokyo,when I worked lately at night.I think thai traditional massage at 946 is most authentic.That's the best I've had in Tokyo.I always take a 3hours thai massage session with oil.

Thai traditional massage


Thai traditional massage I have had thai traditional massage  in Thailand.So I searched mobile thai massage in Tokyo.I got 946 Web finally.Her thai massage in Tokyo at 946 is excellent,she gave me a 80minutes thai traditional massage and it was awesome,using her knees,elbows,feet.You have a totally relaxing massage experience. I highly recommend 946 to anyone who don't satisfied other massage shop in Japan.

She is professional


She is professional I orderd 946 once a month usually.So I have a really good and deep sleep after 946 massage.After returning from a long trip overseas last year,I had a thai massage with ANNA.She knows how to massage body. Sometimes I wasted my money and time at other massage places in which massages are soft or too hard and painful.    

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