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Couples massage

We introduce a mobile couples Thai traditional massage fee below.

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❶ WHAT's Couples massage?

A couples massage is a massage session that is received simultaneously from partners and, if possible, beloved partners, side by side, from the two MASSEUSES.

The couple can be a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, ・・・.

It is sometimes also called a duo or duet massage.

If you get along with a loved one, you will not care about strange things, because it is a precious massage, you want to concentrate and enjoy that time.


❷ How much does a couples massage cost?

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➀ It is information on our movie "Couples massage".

❸ What Happens During a Couples Massage

By having a Couples Massage together, the intimacy of the two will further increase.

A partner in this session is probably best for my beloved partner.
Mothers, brothers, sisters, friends ・・・various partners in traveling with filial piety will ・・・

Above in ❶ we said, but your beloved partner would be better as well.

If the partner are not intimate, you may be a bit nervous about your opponent during session.

But in case of an intimate partner, if you know that you are relaxed next to you, you can relax yourself and concentrate on massage and fall asleep ・・・.

After the session ends, you will talk about couples massage as a topic. It is the same as when I saw the same good movie.


❹ The Benefits of Couples Massage

Couples massage is a good choice when two people feel a little bad between them.

Also, even if not such a "bad situation", intimacy with a more beloved partner will increase.

"Pleasure" to spend a rich time together is a very romantic experience.


❺ It is information on our movie "Thai traditional massage".

It is "Thai Traditional massage Palm & Arm


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Introduction of our massage video


Here we explain our Couples massage. Please refer to the following.

More recently, reservations for "Couple massage" are increasing.

Despite the holidays, are not you going out? !

I think that there are more uses than a couple who seems to be together.

What is true happiness? !

A couple who receives "Couple Massage" together seems most happy,I think.


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