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Why is Thai traditional massage popular now?

❶ What are the characteristics of Thai traditional massage boasting over 2500 years of history? !

① Techniques to be performed using whole body of Thai traditional massage surgeons

Techniques such as "push", "squeeze", "stretch", "bend", "turn", "twist", "stepping on ・・・".

Thai traditional massage practitioners will utilize their bodies widely, such as their feet, soles, knees, hands, fingers, elbows, forearms, etc. during treatment, using it well and using the weight of their body .

It is characteristic of "Thai traditional massage" that there are many actions to be done using their own feet as if "this principle" is used.

Thai Traditional Massage

② Is it possible for the practitioner to get "virtue"? !

 ⑴ Thai Traditional massages that require practitioners to be highly conscious

The influence that has developed in the Buddhist culture, even if it is the patient's body to treat, the focus of treatment is the energy and spirit in the body.

The purpose of Thai traditional massage is to bring harmony of body, mind and soul.

If it can be done, disease is healed, "Oriental medicine" is a unique idea.

In Thailand, "Thai traditional massage", the standing position is much higher than that in Japan It is undeniable fact.

It can be said that it is a little close to medical care.


(2) Prayer

Traditional Thai massage that starts with prayer and ends with prayer.

It is a prayer that people who study Thai traditional massage always study first.

This prayer is called "Om namo" (Wai).

The meaning of prayer is said to mean to pray to the universe, Buddha, and Evangelist Shivaka Gomarabat, and to borrow power.

Furthermore, it is this prayer that we put hands together so that the mind and body of the customer who will be practicing from now on will be well and the disease will be well and happiness.

It is a wonderful custom or ritual.

Technology is, of course, important, but not only that, but it may be unique to Oriental medicine, but with the help of great nature and the universe, the will to heal this customer seems to be transmitted.

❷ Autonomic nerve and Oxytocin

➀ Merit of "Thai traditional massage".

In modern times as a stress society, people will be chased by information inevitably.

As a result, the balance of the autonomic nervous system collapses, and it falls into disorder.

Since the autonomic nerve controls the function of organs, if the balance collapses, the body will be bad.

Autonomic nervous system consists of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. Balance is important for both.

When exposed to stress, sympathetic nerves tend to become dominant. The parasympathetic nerves play a role in repairing tired bodies.

To bring a body to a state of rest, it is necessary to dominate the parasympathetic nerve.

To activate the parasympathetic nerve, there are various exercises, such as moderate exercise, effective sleep, proper diet, etc. Also, when receiving "Thai traditional massage", the parasympathetic nerve becomes active.

It can be called merit of "Thai traditional massage".

The sense of foreigners and Japanese people should be slightly different,・・・ For example, friends in family relationship such as mothers and children and close friends hugging each other, grasping hands, grandpa cheek on grandchild Doing ・・・Acting to increase sense of intimacy and belonging to each other by touching parts of the body and skin, sharing a sense of unity, · · · People in the Asian region including the Japanese, they do not take much body communication to touch.

There are hormones called "Oxytocin" happy hormone "," affection hormone "," hugging hormone ".

People seem to be able to secrete Oxytocin in contact with the body.

Besides the examples raised above, it is known that adults can join hands between lovers, and even sex acts are secreted at both men and women at the moment of orgasm.

Moreover, it seems that it is secreted even by exchanges with family groups, conversations, taverns etc. without "direct contact".

Even people are unconscious, they are adjusting so that they do not get stressed.

And of course Oxytocin is secreted even if it is being "Thai traditional massage".

Please secret Oxtonon with Thai traditional massage, said to be the best in the world, and be healed.


Originally Oxytocin is also used for inducing population labor because it contracts smooth muscle without uterus and induces childbirth at birth.

In addition, when an infant inhaled her mother's nipple, sucking stimulus is transmitted through the spinal cord to the hypothalamus, the production site of the interbrain otiton, and Oxytocin is secreted from the hypothalamus to the posterior pituitary gland , Structure.

It contracts the muscle epithelium made of the smooth muscle of the mammary gland and has the function of injecting breast milk accumulated in the mammary gland.

❸ Reason why Thai traditional massage is supported

(1) Has high quality since it was founded

(2) Massage has a long history of over 2,500 years

(3) It is worthwhile to say that a method of operation that is sufficiently compatible with the latest massage methods has been used in the past.

❹ It is information on our movie "Thai traditional massage".

It is "Thai Traditional massage Palm & Arm

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Here we explain our "Why is Thai traditional massage popular now?".

Please refer to the following.

"Thai traditional massage" is said to be "the most pleasant in the world" among various massages in the street.

But is not it like a urban legend, is there a basis? !

And why is it being supported now?

Why is Thai traditional massage popular now?


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