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The effects and benefits of Thai traditional massage

❶ About "Sen"?

Among Thai-style massages, the word "Sen" is considered to be particularly important.

“Sen” is considered as an energy line flowing through the body, but it is easy to understand it as something like lymph and blood flow.

In Thai traditional massage, there is a technique of putting a finger on a blood vessel, stopping blood for a while and then flowing it at once.

I also have a pleasant memory when I personally stop the blood of the groin for the first time with the masseuse's leg and then shed it all at once.

The feeling that something bad is flowing with me.

And until now I have never been aware of my blood flow.

There are many examples that improving the blood circulation will improve the bad things.

The main feature of this Thai traditional massage is to promote blood circulation that flows the whole body blood flow.

For example, there are many harms caused by poor blood flow.

(1)  "Cold" that is the source of many diseases

(2) "Body of body" such as stiff neck

(3) "Wellness and cellulite" caused by poor discharge of waste products

There are many examples, etc.

Therefore, the traditional Thai massage mainly aimed at promoting blood circulation,
It acts on beauty, health, stiffness, etc., and continues to attract attention as health and beauty even now.

To study Thai massage is to study Sen. It is said.

In the body, it seems that there are as many as 72000 sen.

It is a traditional Thai massage that goes along with a line called Sen, which is completely different from the point press, so as to flow for the purpose of improving blood circulation.

And the treatment is centered on 10 sen, which is particularly important among energy lines, but it is the basis.

Six of them are said to be concentrated in the area from the sole to the base of the foot.

Therefore, traditional Thai massage focuses on important sen, and it is basic to start treatment from foot.

The philosophy of Thai traditional massage is that the local pain of the body can be relieved by improving the flow of the whole body, instead of just massage the lower back because the shoulders are stiff.

This area is different from the quick massage in front of the station.

As a basic idea, please understand that it is not a spot-like massage like shoulders because shoulders are stiff and that shoulder stiffness is not the only cause.

Furthermore, some Thai traditional medicines have a concept that the balance of "earth, fire, wind, water" called elements is important.

It is a concept unique to Oriental medicine that is also found in Chinese medicine.

The organs in the body are compared to the four elements, and they are considered important in Thai traditional massage, together with sen.

❷ Fusion with Indian Ayurveda, Yoga, and Chinese Medicine

About 2500 years ago, it is said that Dr. Shivago Komarpaj (Shivaka Gomarabat), an Indian doctor who is Buddha's doctor's doctor, is the founder.

Since that time has passed, it has been said that Hindus have spread to India nowadays as “Yoga”, and Buddhists have spread to Thailand is the traditional Thai massage as a medical treatment.

Thai traditional massage is often said that it takes about 2 hours to receive it.

The whole body starts with the toes of the foot and ends with a massage of the head, but then there is time for stretching.

Is stretching a little painful for stiff people? You may think, but please be relieved, as stiff ones do as such.

Medicine from India and China, and Thailand's unique medicine were fused to establish Thai traditional massage.

Indeed, the wisdom of Oriental medicine has been merged, and it can be said that Thai traditional massage has become the present form.

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We introduce the effects and benefits of Thai traditional massage.

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