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❶ About our working areas

We offer a Mobile, Outcall Thai traditional massage.

Our main mobile, outcall working area is central Tokyo.

That's within "JR Yamanote-line"areas in Tokyo basically.

Please see the TOKYO CITYpage about JR Yamanote line.

And that's in the some special wards in central Tokyo.

Please see theWORKING AREASpage.

Relaxing massage in the privacy of your own home or hotel room in central Tokyo.

Thai Traditional Massage



❷ About an outcall, mobile Thai traditional massage

The benefits of a mobile Thai traditional massage

Thai traditional massage combines Yoga from India and the acupressure from China.

Thai traditional massage works to stimulate the flow of life energy by pressing or stretching energy lines in the body called "Sen", which helps the body's natural ability to heal.

We can offer a mobile Thai traditional massages of exceptional quality.

We recommend a Thai traditional massage to dissolve the stress and worries that accumulate day after day.

We take appointments until 1 am, so even if your job runs late, give us a call and let us help you relax.

We work from head to toes, working every bit of the body to provide true relaxation and healing.

Please set aside 100 minutes (including oil massage if you like) in order to gain the true benefits of a Thai traditional massage.

Whether in your home or hotel, Thai traditional massage focus on the afflictions that result from everyday life.

Rather than focusing just on stiff shoulders, we treat the whole body for tension and help you relax.

We will set both your body and spirit at ease.

For the person who is concerned about time management and remaining in the comfort of your home or hotel room, an outcall Thai traditional massage may be the answer.

❸ It is information on our movie "Thai traditional massage".

It is "Thai Traditional massage Palm & Arm

Please see other videos from the following.

Introduction of our massage video

❸ How to contact our shop, mobile Thai Traditional massage 946

There are the following three types.

However, we recommend ① 「Telephone」 first.

Since it takes time to reply from 「Contact Form」 of ➁, we recommend "phone reservation" to prevent double reservation.

Please note that only "WhatsApp Phone" is accepted for "WhatsApp" in ③.

We do not accept "What App Chat".

Please feel free to contact us from the following, such as questions, inquiries, and reservations.

① For regular calls, tap below.

TEL 03-6659-4201

②   Contact Form


③ WhatsApp Phone :At our shop, we only accept WhatsApp Phone. WhatsApp Chat is not accepted.

❹ About our shop, mobile Thai Traditional massage 946

We are a .mobile Thai Traditional massage 946.

Our shop is a shop that provides a mobile Thai Traditional massage to the hotel or home in the center of Tokyo.

It is a mobile massage specialty.

For details, please refer to "Thai Traditional Massage".


In 2019, Thai traditional massage "Nuat Thai" was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Thai traditional massage will become more popular all over the world than ever before.

Even if you haven't experienced Thai traditional massage yet, please experience Thai traditional massage that has been said to be "the most comfortable in the world".


Opening hours are from 4 o'clock in the evening to 1 o'clock in the morning.

If you can make a reservation by 1 o'clock in the morning, you can have a mobile Thai Traditional Massage in the central Tokyo.

The central Tokyo area is a mobile working area inside "JR Yamanote Line", and this area is free of transportation.

Other than that, transportation costs are optional.

For details, please refer to "Working Areas".


About the fee of a mobile Thai traditional massage from here.

For details, please refer to "Fee".

Various discount coupons are available in mobile working area free of transportation expenses.

For details, refer to "Coupons".


Here we explain an OUTCALL,MOBILE MASSAGE.

Please refer to the following.

Our business model is a mobile, outcall massage style.

It is a thing to deliver Thai traditional massage to the hotel, home of the guests of the central Tokyo.

Enjoy the benefits of a mobile, outcall 'Thai traditional massage' which is not necessary whether it is rainy day or cold day, with only one reservation phone.


Feel free to ask questions, make inquiries, make reservations, etc.

There are three contact methods: ① telephone, ➁  mail form, and ③ WhatsApp phone.

WhatsApp phone accepts phone calls only.

Business hours are from 4 pm to 24 am at midnight, so please contact us during that range.

It may take some time to reply to the "➁ mail form", so we recommend "① telephone reservation" for reservations.


Please refer to the following.

Thai Traditional Massage