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4 Four Hands Massage

We introduce a mobile 4 Four hands Thai traditional massage below.

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❶ What is a 4 Four-Hands massage?

In a 4 Four-hands massage, two Thai traditional masseuses work on one customer, often using synchronized moves.

A 4 Four-hands massage can be like experiencing two full body Thai traditional massages at the same time.

Good Thai traditional masseuses will offer an exciting 4 Four hands massage session with the combination of the two breaths.

There are a number of different styles of 4 Four-hand massage.

In 4 Four-hand massage session, two Thai traditional masseuses must be compensated for their time and skill.

Thai Traditional Massage

➀ It is information on our movie "4 Four-hand massage".


❷ Why get a 4 Four-Hands Massage?

When two thai traditional masseuses and 4 four hands hit your body, your mind reacts differently.

Customer who receive this session for the first time may be a little confused at first. ?!

Chasing the movement of 4 hands, feeling that you can not concentrate ・・・

But let's stop that. Let's leave to the skill of the two thai traditional masseuses.

The session by 4 hands is more exciting than the number of arms doubled.

I hope this session does not become a your habit. In moderation.


If you want 6 hands, 3 masseuses can also be dispatched.

Both 4 hands and 6 hands require early reservation. Please understand.

Currently discounted in 4 Four hands massage. Details are from the following.




❸ It is information on our movie "Thai traditional massage".

It is "Thai Traditional massage Palm & Arm


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Here we explain our 4 Four Hands Massage.

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If you can make a reservation by 1 o'clock in the morning, you can have a mobile Thai Traditional Massage in the central Tokyo.

The central Tokyo area is a mobile working area inside "JR Yamanote Line", and this area is free of transportation. Other than that, transportation costs are optional.
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