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A mobile massage shop is near me

We introduce convenience and merit of a mobile Thai traditional massage shop.

A mobile massage shop is always a massage near,nearby me wherever I am.

We hope a mobile thai traditional massage 946 is best shop near, nearby you.

And we hope also a mobile thai traditional massage 946 is cheap shop near, nearby me.


We are a mobile Thai Traditional Massage 946.

Our shop is a shop that provides a mobile Thai Traditional massage to the hotel or home in the center of Tokyo. It is a mobile massage specialty.For details, please refer to "Thai Traditional Massage".

Opening hours are from 4 o'clock in the evening to 1 o'clock in the morning.
If you can make a reservation by 1 o'clock in the morning, you can have a mobile Thai Traditional Massage in the central Tokyo.

The central Tokyo area is a mobile working area inside "JR Yamanote Line", and this area is free of transportation. Other than that, transportation costs are optional.
For details, please refer to "Working Areas".

About the fee of a mobile thai traditional massage from here.For details, please refer to "Fee".

Various discount coupons are available in mobile working area free of transportation expenses. For details, refer to "Coupons".

Thai Traditional Massage




TEL 03-6659-4201

❶ Convenience and merit of a mobile Thai traditional massage shop.

A mobile Thai traditional massage is a type of work that dispenses a therapist to the client 's home and accommodation destination and performs the treatment by various methods including relaxation massage.

In response to the request, various acts are performed by a therapist dispatched to his / her residence or accommodation.

The contents of the treatment are diverse, and there are British style massage, Thai traditional massage, aroma oil massage, reflexology, body chemotherapy (chiropractic), prawn massage, aesthetic massage and so on.

We do not perform any sexual services.

If the client compels this to the therapist, it may request penalty payment or report to the police agency.

Also, unlike Delivery Health, love hotel can not be selected for dispatch destination, it will be dispatched to home, city hotel, business hotel.

However, there are cases where the hotel and the agency of the dispatching agency have entrusted business consignment contracts.

There are also hotels where the entrance of a mobile massager without business tie-up is severely monitored, and some hotels can not go.

Especially in many business hotels (cheap hotels with a low price per customer), but some rooms are severely restricted in entry if the room is single.

Delivery Health

Unlike store type, so convenient mobile Thai traditional massage!

Unlike a store-type relaxation salon, you can specify the appointment time according to the availability and there is no waiting time in the waiting room.

In addition, since the therapist goes to the room or lodging place, it takes time and effort to move after the treatment.

There is no need to ask other people to talk, etc., and feel free to consult.

There are merits such as.

If you do oil massage and so on, you may bathe after bathing and sometimes flow, basically because the applied oil is moisturizing so you do not have to bathe, you also have the advantage that you can go to bed after treatment.

Especially in the case of a woman, despite hating to go to the relaxation salon in the state of a snappy and going to the salon after making a make-up, it is possible to save the trouble of taking a shower and applying make-up again.

Also, there is no annoyance such as returning home or home after receiving treatment at the store.

It is also characterized by many stores with late business hours, some stores are open from late afternoon to late night and until the morning.

❷ Easy booking

Common flow is requested by reservation from telephone or website.

The client requests dispatching to each store from his / her residence or accommodation destination, and selects the reservation time, the treatment time, and other courses.

If approval is obtained between the two sides in each section, it will be a close.

The therapist goes to a prescribed place and carries out the treatment after receipt of the fee.

There is nothing to prepare. If you need a towel etc please request at the time of booking.

A travel charge = transportation expenses have a free mobile working area and a charged area, so please confirm at the time of booking.

Our shop is inside the JR Yamanote line = the city center of Tokyo is free of transportation.

Reservation is easy.

Please also refer to "HOW TO ORDER".



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It is "Thai Traditional massage Palm & Arm

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